pardon my break for photography….

this last summer the call of my new camera and flickr was stronger than my blog.  i was taking a picture a day, photoshopping until the wee hours and posting and commenting like a fiend!  something had to give and we all know its not ever going to be the knitting…… i do love photography and i do love the flickr community but the holidays  began to approach and that too fell by the wayside.  i’d love to say that i would stay up all night to get all my hobbies in each day but, you know, i really do love my sleep.   now that the holidays are over and i have more time maybe i can balance things a bit better….

this picture of street vendor ties was taken during a FANTASTIC trip to new jersey to visit lovely friends that we had not seen in 11 years.  the last time we had been to ny henry was 1, riley was 6 and ruby was 9!  now families have children in college and high school and henry is a middle schooler–yikes!  anyway, it was a fabulous time and i got tons of wonderful pictures and i’ll be processing them and posting them as i can (along with knitting content and pics of course!)

when we went into manhattan i had to visit purl soho, of course, and i picked up some blue sky alpacas yarn that i’m dying to turn into, what else?  wristwarmers!  i also picked up some cascade 128 which is surprisingly lovely to work with!  i made a chunky cabled hat that turned out amazingly soft and beautiful.  alas, i have no pictures of it….

i will be posting some pictures of my new knitting addiction:  the earflap hat with cascade 220.

whew!  that’s a lot to say when i haven’t said much in awhile.  more will come.  and thank you for your kind words and encouragement.  thank you thank you.

its good to be back.

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5 Responses to pardon my break for photography….

  1. Willow says:

    I’ll be interested to see the earflap hat in Cascade 220. When I was designing one of my final projects for TKGA’s Level 3 Master Hand Knitting program, I used Cascade 220 to make a Fair Isle ear flap hat!

    Oh yeah, welcome back!

  2. Ava says:

    Photography . . . seems to be my sister’s pull as of late (you can always tell who posts based upon the photo – mine are crap). Glad you enjoyed Purl! Did you make it to M&J in Midtown? For some reason, I find it overwhelmingly refreshing and am amazed that one can pack $30 worth of something into a Ziploc snack sized bag 🙂

  3. annmarie says:

    good to see you back! and what a great shot of the ties! it made me think of going into the ribbon stores in midtown manhattan and swooning from all the choices. 🙂

  4. snoopydog says:

    Great knitting! Love the idea of having more arms to do more knitting. Made me smile. Happy days! Ros

  5. First time visiting your blog. I am very impressed by your knitting as I am also an avid knitter. Have been since I was very young growing up on the west coast of Norway where knitting was a must in my times.
    I will enjoy stopping by your blog from time to time.

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