DSCN0941This picture pretty much sums it up:  the knitting is being done in those rare and few quiet moments that appear between the “must do’s”.  I always keep a sock with me for mindless knitting that doesn’t need a pattern or any special tools.  It doesn’t take up much space in a bag and easy to pick up and put down.  So much for so little.  It’s Blue Moon STR in Grimm’s Fairytale (or something like that) in their light weight.  I was waiting in my car to pick Hen up from school.

Things have been a little more chaotic lately:  I caught the nasty cold that my kids had last week and have felt like warmed up dog turds for the past 5 days.  Not much of anything has been getting done.  I did start a major move though, before I got sick–I’m moving my craft/sewing haven out of the cottage and into Ruby’s room upstairs.  Ruby will now inhabit the cottage (if she ever comes home) and I will be able to still be present in the house while still being able to be productive with my projects.  I know that sometimes its preferable to “check out” so to speak and work without being bothered but with a puppy who likes to chew through couch cushions (oh yes, that did happen.  Yes, he’s still alive and well but it was a major turning point in our relationship…) and kids who just like to know you’re close, well, it just seems like the right choice for now.  So, currently, half of my stuff is moved.  Weekends go by so fast we only get portions of projects done.  And, of course, the weeds in the yard scream the loudest.

So there it is.

I do have a picture of my fair isle hat that I’ve finished:

_DSC2171 copy

It turned out great but a little big.  I’m really happy with the colors and can’t wait to start another.  I just have to finish all the other projects on the needles….All in good time!

Even though we haven’t had much sun, spring has definitely arrived–the daffodils have come and gone but now the lilacs are blooming and I have a big jug of them on the dining room table and they smell heavenly…this is such a short and lovely time before summer shows up and everything gets hungry for water and the fields dry out.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

lilacmacro09 3

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4 Responses to snippets

  1. Jeanne says:

    Love the socks – what a great colorway! I also like to have a sock going at all times for quick knitting.

    Beautiful fair isle hat too – great colors…

  2. Stéphanie says:

    I love love love the colours of your hat – very spring spirit. And the socks’ colors are rendering very nice…

  3. willow says:

    The fair isle hat is fabulous! I love the leaves on the crown! Post some photos of the top!

    Are you going to the Knit and Crochet Show next weekend in Portland?

  4. Nicole says:

    Your fair isle hat is so pretty and springy!

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