finally some sunshine…


Finally there has been some warming sunshine.  It almost makes me want to get outside and garden….Almost.  I’m planning in my head, though, some of the changes I’d like to make.  It’s a good start….

The knitting has been fitful lately and I have 7 projects currently on the needles:  Selbumodern (I’d link but it’s late and I’m typing with one eye shut as it is twitching madly!), a baby sweater for one of Ruby’s friends, a pair of socks, my Silk Garden sweater, baby socks (same friend), Quant, and a fair isle hat of my own design.  Oh!  8!   Some Kilim Wristwarmers started back at Christmas!  You could say I’m keeping busy (you could also say I’m out of my mind….).  Its all good and life is humming along at an alarming pace  with only 2 more months until the kids summer break!

Not all is smooth, however.  We came home the other day to the  total destruction of a couch cushion by a certain Oski Dog.  He ripped the slip cover and tore it up and then turned the foam core and all padding into enough confetti to outfit a whole parade!  Needless to say, we are scrambling to figure out how to manage the pup better for the next 2 months until Doug and the kids are home full time.  Its enought to drive one crazy, though.

For you all I’m wishing sunshine and spring-like weather….For me, I’m wishing no ticker-tape dog parades in the house for the week…..

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One Response to finally some sunshine…

  1. willow says:

    Bummer on the couch cushion. I’m wishing sunshine and beautiful flowers and a calm dog for you.

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