some pretties to look at


Still no knitting pictures and no new finished objects either.  This was a trying week–I forgot to bring some clothes for work to the gym (remembered the shear blouse but forgot the tank to go under it!)–twice!, forgot my ipod for working out one day, and topped off the week with throwing my back out somehow as I was getting dressed Friday morning!  Clearly, I need to take deep breaths and focus on the small stuff these days…

Things are starting to bloom outside and I’m starting to feel guilty about my crappy gardens.  However I don’t feel guilty enough yet to get my ass out there and weed them.  So I make tactical strikes to gather blooms and beat a hasty retreat to the house.


The Daphne Odora smells heavenly!  I have some by my bed and by my knitting chair in the living room.

And finally, a new picture of the Oski Man:


Still Trouble with a capital T…..

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2 Responses to some pretties to look at

  1. willow says:

    Daphne! I had daphne in Oregon! I’d forgotten all about her. So sorry. I love the fragrance of daphne in the early spring. Such a hopeful smell.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Your dog is so adorable – love the ear!

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