what a difference 20 years makes…

This is a still life at my house:


Still life at my college daughter’s apartment:


I’ve no knitting news this week–I’m scattered and flitting from project to project right now.  I’m a third of the way through my top down cardigan out of Silk Garden, almost done with the first sock of a pair of socks being made with Blue Moon, and half way through the fair isle hat I’m designing for a class I’ll be teaching in April.  Whenever one project gets to be too much and my head’s just not in it, I put it away in it’s project bag and out comes another.  I’m actually fairly happy with this arrangement.  It works on so many levels:  when I’m watching a movie with subtitles out comes the plain jane sock!  Listening to a book on my ipod, hello fair isle hat!  Yes, a fine arrangement indeed.

We did watch some good movies this last week:  I’ve Loved You So Long (just a few tears but oh, so good…), Role Models (innapropriate for some but a hoot!) and Rachel Getting Married (I wanted to KILL the musicians!  Anne Hathaway was great but what a crappy family!)  Through in a couple of Celebrity Apprentices and some SNL and its all good.

Looking forward to Friday….

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