another month gone by


This is what we woke up to the week before Christmas.  The kids loved starting their vacation early and having unexpected snow days!


Angus, Otto and Oski loved the snow too.  It was nice to let them go out and play  to their hearts content and only have to deal with wet dogs not wet and muddy dogs…


And we can’t forget Harry–he perched himself above the front entryway and was a magnificent ornament.

Unfortunately, all the snow is gone and we’re facing rain and wind for the New Year.  All the more reason to bundle up and knit, I say…  I was a knitting fool for November and December and completed almost all of my knitted gifts on time.  By the time Christmas rolled around my hands, fingers, and wrists were achy and sore!  But did that stop me from casting on for a new project on Christmas Day?  Of course not!  Now I can finally knit things I’ve been wanting to knit for months.  (Though, maybe I should start knitting for next Christmas and thusly avoid the gnarled hands and fingers…..It’s just a thought….)  I will post pictures of most of my knitted projects next time (hopefully that won’t be another month!) but I don’t have the pictures ready now.

I hope everyone had a warm and safe holiday and I wish you a wonderful New Year.

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One Response to another month gone by

  1. willow says:

    I love the porch ornament. Where can I get one like it?

    Happy New Year! Mayb 2009 be filled with cast ons, bind offs and plenty of knitting in between!

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