a new start

Hello all!  (Anyone?)  I’m kinda excited about my new home….

Things have been pretty sparse lately due to increased working hours, Ravelry (I hate to admit it), and writing the weekly newsletter at the yarn store.  Creatively I’m kinda crapped out.  I’m knitting up a storm at every available moment: kilimwarmers1

these are wristwarmers I designed (yes, very inspired by Michelle Rose Orne’s Composed Mitts) and knit up.  I call them Kilim Rug Wristwarmers.  I’ve been working on them in other color ways too…

feltedmitten2These are some felted mittens I’ve been working on too.  Like I said, I’ve been a busy girl.

Otherwise, all is well here and pretty much the same as when I last blogged.

Except for the loss of Mr. Elton:  he decided he didn’t want to hang in the chicken yard and was free ranging all over and about a week ago we noticed he was missing.  No feathers or anything to suggest that he’d met an untimely demise just…no Mr. Elton.  We hope he’s in a better place…


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4 Responses to a new start

  1. Ava says:

    The chickens still kind of freak me out, but that’s coming from a girl who grew up on a chicken farm. Love the mitts . . . very chic! And I like the new digs.

  2. pam says:

    Look forward to following your continuing story!

  3. Susan says:

    Nice new digs! And love the new mitts. But mostly, it’s just great to ‘see’ you!

  4. Nicole says:

    Such beautiful warm woollies. I love the colours you’ve chosen.

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