Yesterday was lovely–very cool weather (it got down to 37 last night), victorious Cal Bears, and knitting!  Oh yeah, and homemade chunky vegetable soup with biscuits.  Couldn't ask for more!

I actually dusted off the spinning wheel and spun up 40z. of a lovely merino/alpaca/silk blend that I got at Black Sheep in June:

Alpaca yarn

It turned out to be about 166 yards so I think I'll make some cabled wristwarmers for someone for Christmas.  It spun up really quickly and its lovely to knit with!

I also finished the baby sweater I was working on out of Blue Moon STR:

Baby sweater

And a scarf for a friend out of Silk Garden:


I love that scarf so much that I've cast on for another one out of another Silk Garden colorway for another friend.  The pattern is all knits and purls and only one row of yarnovers/k2tog's.  Very easy to knit successfully while watching football or US Open Tennis…

It's time to face the music once again and begin the back to school process.  Doug started off the football season with a resounding win (54-7) from the high school team that he coaches.  It was a lovely night to be out and lots of fun to win for once!

Ruby will be going back to college in a few weeks and will be living in her first apartment so I'm working on a little basket of goodies for her.  I found some pretty fabric that I'll make a tablecloth out of  and some inexpensive dish towels that matched perfectly to use as napkins.  Riley and I went over to our local Goodwill (the best place for great finds!) and found a perfect set of dishes for only $10!  I love putting together stuff like that, especially when you find great bargains too.

Well, we've got family dinner tonight so I better make the most of my day and do something productive…

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