Did I say I meant to do some sewing last week?  Well, good intentions and all, but no sewing done….Where does the time go?  There hasn't even been tons of knitting done.  I swear, if I didn't know better I'd think I've been sitting somewhere just staring off blankly with my only sign of life being the drool coming out of my mouth!  I swear that isn't how its been, though….I have been watching the Olympics every night. (Some events do have me staring blankly and drooling…..)  My favorite Olympic activities are:  Sport or Not A Sport, and Lets Ruin Olympic Viewing For Those Who Don't Get Eastern Feed On Their Satellite TV.  Both of these activities are fun (for me) and they can be played simultaneously.  Sport or Not A Sport is where I sit in my bed, knitting and decide that an event is not Olympic Worthy and proclaim it Not A Sport.  There is some criteria for this and sometimes events are deemed a Sport simply because I am biased (Synchro Swimming).  I am the judge and jury.  For the most part, my family agrees with me but some people think I'm nuts and will try to argue.  There is no arguing.  I win.

My other favorite activity LROVFTWDGEFOTST (see above) is when I call everyone else in my family and say, "Did you see what happened in Gymnastics (or swimming, track, whatever..)?" and then proceed to say "Do you want to know? Do you want to know? Do you want to know?"  To which they usually start screaming "Shut Up!"  and threatening to hang up on me.  Yeah, that one makes me giggle every time…Its even better when you can call said relative and also tell them that an event is Not A Sport but even so, you know the outcome of the event in question….

Who knew that the Olympics could be so interactive?

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