This is Mr. Elton. 

Mr elton

Out of the six new chickens I got this year he is the only one who could have been a Rooster.

This is Capt. Wentworth.

Capt wentworth2

This is Colonel Brandon.

Col brandon

You are not mistaken in thinking those are all "boy" names.  And no, I didn't name hens "boy" names just for the fun of it.  3 out of 6 new chickens are, indeed, roosters.  That's not supposed to happen!  I don't mind so much that they're roosters (unless they start to not get along) but that also means that is 3 less eggs I'll be getting each day.  That part does bum me out a bit….They are very handsome (with the exception of Mr. Elton–I wouldn't describe him as handsome.  Flamboyant is the more appropriate word) and it lovely to hear all 3 crow in the morning.  Col. Brandon is still finding his voice and sounds quite funny.  I should figure out a way to record it and upload it here so you can here him.  And the others too!  I'm sure it's possible but I'll have to figure it out…
Enough about roosters–I'm off to knit with Nan!

I leave you with this picture of a precision muffler shop.

Precisin muffer

Too bad they don't have precision when it comes to signs!  The thing is, I saw this guy up on a ladder painting this sign…he didn't look drunk…..

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