How rude of me not to mention that I’m taking the summer off blogging…I like summers to be as lazy as possible and am doing my very best to channel my inner sloth.

I haven’t even taken pictures of my latest knitting projects!  Not that I’m creating anything that would set the world on fire–just some more fake isle hats, baby sweaters and a bag or two.  Lovely mindless knitting.


I’ve been out in the cottage doing some sewing of late and fooling around with creating aprons and more bags (even though I absolutely don’t need more!) and enjoying playing around with fabric.  Of course, not many pictures on that front either…

My latest time suck has been creating picture slide shows for my family.  I’m loving going through photos and setting them to music but dang, can that just eat away a day (or 4…)!  I gathered all the pictures I took at our annual family reunion and put them together and taught myself Movie Maker (really cool what you can do easily but already I see I’m going to need a more comprehensive program.  I burned the slide show onto DVDs and gave them to my family.  I told everyone that next year I’ll be taking tons more pictures and I’ll be toting my camera everywhere I go and I’ll need assistants abd lighting…..

My other favorite hobby has been doing jigsaw puzzles on my computer.  I got a program (  that lets you download already created puzzles or create your own using your own photography.  4 hours on a Sunday was spent clicking and dragging puzzle pieces on my computer… You can see why I haven’t been blogging….

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