Cecil 08

Not much knitting is being done these days–I'm just trying to finish things that are on the needles.  I'm teaching a class on the Fake Isle (no surprise there….) at the yarn store where I work.  Of course I had to cast on so I could knit along with the class!  Just spreading the addiction….

I've come up with a wristwarmer pattern for sock yarn and it looks great!  As soon as I'm done I'll post pics and of course it will be on my Ravelry page.  I'm liking this pattern because it shows off the pattern of the yarn and doesn't take as long to make as a pair of socks.  Plus, they aren't as bulky as wristwarmers made out of worsted weight yarn.  My mind is already itching to create something in fairisle at this gauge….It is a sickness, isn't it?

Gardening has been taking up lots of time lately and this cool spell we've been having is great for my plants but shitty for my tan.  Oh well, I guess there'll be lots of time to spend in the sun in the upcoming months.  I did put in my tomatoes and some parsley and the oregano and thyme are bursting out of their pot!  I'm trying not to over do it this year with the tomatoes–only 8 plants!  I think that should be enough to satisfy the black holes that are my children and be able to make the yummy baked tomato sauce.  And this year I won't have to fight with Quackers to pick the tomatoes because he is happily ensconced in the new fowl yard.

Other than that, we spent almost the whole long weekend moving furniture.  Stuff (big stuff, I might add) that has been in the same place for almost 6 years–when we moved here!  It was high time for a shuffle and thankfully Doug didn't put up much of a fight so lots got done.  Did I mention that I could be of no help because I stepped on a rock (small–think pebble) barefoot a week and a half ago and still can't put my full weight on that foot.  After much icing the foot looks better (swelling was up above the ankle last week) but still hurts like hell.  Needless to say, I was not good for much more than pointing to where I wanted things moved.  But now I have my yarn stash out of plastic bins stacked to the ceiling and safely resting in an old lovely armoire snagged from the days when my mom and I had a shop.  We made serious progress!

Well, its time to put my foot up, knit and spend some time with Hen before bed.  Now if I can just talk him out of watching sports…..

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