I love it when the bluebells bloom.  Even though my dogs trample them when they tear-ass around the yard and Doug looks at them with thoughts of running the lawn mower over them, I still get a smile to see the big clumps of them in our field.

Those bluebells did get a bit trampled this weekend because we performed The Great Fowl Transfer.  We decided the the chickens, little chickens and ducks would all be happier in the former goat pasture so we converted the goat barn into a chicken coop by putting in new roosts and laying boxes and making it habitable for chickens.  Saturday night, Doug closed the door to the old chicken coop after the chickens had gone in for the night and Sunday morning it was easier to catch them and transport them to their new home.  So, we carried them, one at a time, to the new chicken paddock.  Some even fell asleep in Riley’s arms as we walked the 250 yards from old coop to new coop (sorry, I always think of distances in football field terms…).  Catching the ducks was not as easy or peaceful.  I got my workout wrangling those quacking, flying, pooping  things!  Finally we had them all in the new yard and amazingly enough, the ducks didn’t mind the chickens, the chickens didn’t mind the ducks or the little chickens, and the little chickens didn’t mind anybody either so all was good.  By the next day we had eggs in the nests and everyone seemed settled in.  I’m looking forward to a summer with no chicken poop on my front porch….Now if we can just convince the cats to cease and desist with the animals they bring into the house, it might just be paradise!  (In the last week the cats have brought in:  a mole (dead), a lizard (alive), a baby bunny (dead) and a rat (dead).)

Even though my life sounds plenty eventful, there has been knitting accomplished too:  Behold Baby Surprise Jacket (2) and Saarje’s Booties….


Blue Moon Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Watermelon Tourmaline.  I just love how STR looks knit up as a Baby Surprise….I’ve even wrapped it and sent it on to the intended baby who was born last weekend.

I’ve also done some Mother’s Day knitting but both my mother and my sister are nosy and would spoil their surprise so I’m not putting up any pics….

I was asked to teach a class on fair isle knitting (using the Fake Isle Hat as the project) for the yarn store I work at.  That means more Fake Isle’s must be cast on and begun…you know how bummed I am about that……..What a perfect project for spring/summer! (Or fall or winter…..) I’m also trying to design some wristwarmers using the same fake isle principle and using either Kureyon or Silk Garden and Ultra Alpaca–I’m excited to cast on!  I’ll just pretend I don’t have at least 6 other projects languishing on needles by the side of my bed….I really do need two more sets of arms….

Henry and I saw IronMan last weekend and we really liked it!  I was expecting a "boy" movie with loud noises, and rockem’ sockem’ action and there was some of that but it had lots of humor too and was really enjoyable. 

Well, back to work…

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2 Responses to

  1. willow says:

    Hey, welcome back!

    I love the surprise jacket. I’d love to try one. I made the Mason-Dixon baby kimono a while ago and it turned out great.

  2. b says:

    The bluebells are so gorgeous! And of course, your knitting and multitasking skills humble me continually. I’m glad The Great Fowl Transfer went relatively well. All my love to you and the family, including the multitude of animals!!

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