We’re enjoying some short-lived sunshine this weekend and I was able to sit in a chair outside, listen to birds and knit.  A welcome and much needed rest.  These last two weeks have been brutal with Doug’s responsibilities and Henry’s baseball all encroaching my job, housework and, of course, knitting and relaxing time.  I know have a twitch in my eyelid….It will all calm down when school is over but until then, it’s a bit of a marathon and sometimes I have to sprint to make it all happen.

In the meantime, I’ve finished my second Baby Surprise Jacket and will add the buttons today, I’m almost finished with a pair of socks for myself that I started months ago, I’m finished with a pair of wrist warmers out of homespun for my Aunt Nancy whose birthday is May Day and I’m half way through a surprise knit for my sister Alison.  It would probably be safe to post it now as her birthday is not until July and she’ll start crawling around my blog looking for clues to what I’m giving her around June…..


We put in our new garden a few weeks ago and the cold weather appears to have been a good thing as everything looks wonderful.  I was worried because we moved two 7 foot tall lilac bushes but they seem fine and if I can remember to water them well I think they’ll survive.  You can’t really see anything from the picture but it’s a nice place to sit now.

More pictures on knitting later–I haven’t even pick up my camera in weeks!

Now I’m heading out to peruse the goat shed with Doug–we’re thinking of moving the chickens and ducks out to there as its a bigger area with more vegetation and it will keep the chickens from taking dust baths in my new garden….

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to Carole and Ed!  My mom and dad have been married for 45 years today–who’d have thought it possible?  (I’m still only 29 though…..they had me quite a while after they’d been married….Really……)


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2 Responses to

  1. Susan says:

    Whoosh…just reading all that made me want to go rest. Seems like spring should be a time of play, but somehow it sometimes becomes the season of overload!

  2. annmarie says:

    you know you’re a fiber junkie when your first thought on seeing a photo like this beautiful shot of the hooks is ‘hmmmm, that’s a great colorplay for some yarn…’

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