Ooooh I’m a bad blogger….these days I’m more inclined to tune into some of my favorite blogs and lurk rather than put my harried thoughts together to form a cohesive sentence….

I do have a finished object though:


A Baby Surprise Jacket for my friend Donna’s newest nephew.  Made out of Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Farmhouse.  I loved it so much (though the pattern is a bit hinky) that I’ve cast on another for my Vet who is due in May with a girl.  And upon stash diving found some more lovely Socks That Rock  in Watermelon Tourmaline this time in Mediumweight.  Same needle size.  Unfortunately I made a mistake yesterday and had to rip back half of my progress last night.  I hate that when that happpens….

Mom and I planned a new and much needed garden in front of my house which we will implement next weekend upon the arrival of 10 yards of dirt.  Ugh!  I’m hoping that it will help with making the house look finished and be easy to take care of because it will be mostly shrubs.  I have two 6 ft. high lilacs that are behind a tree and not getting enough light so we’ll be transplanting those to this new garden too.  That should be a lovely ordeal….There are two other gardens to tackle and clean up and re-work and I’m hoping to get them done before summer.  And plant the cottage gardens with veggies….And Keep The Chickens And Turkeys Out!  They are everywhere!  So fencing of some sort must be pondered.

I’m off to re-knit what I knit yesterday….

Here’s an ugly chick-pic:


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5 Responses to

  1. Jeanne says:

    Cute sweater! Good luck with the garden!

  2. pam says:

    Love the chick pic.. tried to email but my email got rejected. Loved both Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.. “I’m not made of eyes” is my fav line. Love the little sweater.. super cute.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I am so hoping that your Vet is actually your animal’s vet?!!

    Your colours are always so beautiful Vicki, looking at them always makes me feel so happy.

  4. willow says:

    I love the sweater! I really must try EZ’s pattern as I keep seeing it pop up all over the internet.

    The chicken isn’t so bad. I’m sure her mummy loves her…

  5. b says:

    Your bouquets are always so beautiful. And that ugly chick-pic is actually adorable!! Hoping that you have caught up on some sleep and aren’t killing yourself with that garden!

    Much love,

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