Seedpod Where do I begin?  Life is happening so fast that it’s either a blur of Mondays or Fridays…You know what I mean?  I don’t even know what I’ve done in all that time.  There’s been snow (!!!!) and rice krispie treats and knitting.  A visit to a science museum in Portland (I tried to give my family the address to Yarn Garden but they didn’t fall for it…), the yarn store I work at moved to a new location and last, but not least, Riley got her driver’s permit!  My whole family had last week off so I took off from working out and caught up on my sleep. 

Sleep has been a bit spotty lately with one cat running into our room in the middle of the night to scratch on our box spring from underneath and then run around the room and out the door.  And if it isn’t the cat, then I can hear the stupid chicks (which are huge but not completely feathered out yet) turn over their food pan and tap on it with their beaks.  Sometimes I can sleep through that kind of stuff and sometimes not so much.  Maybe I’m not drinking enough….

Finally there is some tv worth watching, even if its all on Sunday nights–we’re enjoying John Adams and it looks like OPB is going to pull its head out of its ass and finally show the rest of the Jane Austen series.  Next week BBCA will start airing Wire in the Blood so I should be set for good stuff to watch while I knit on Sundays.  We’ve been watching DVDs of 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Saturday Night Live.  We did see Run, Fat Boy, Run with Simon Pegg who is always a hoot.  We liked it (even Ri and Hen), just enough gross humor for constant giggles.

Well, I must be off to change sheets, get laundry ready for next week and stir the chili for dinner tonight.  I’ll leave you with the mental picture of my youngest sister with oversized plastic easter eggs hiding in her bra for our easter egg hunt….I did get that on film but I was threatened with death if I posted it….

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  1. pam says:

    We love Simon, so can’t wait to see Run Fatboy Run. Can’t wait for some chick photos.

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