Well, even though I know it’s spring  apparently someone forgot to tell Mother Nature….It’s so frickin’ cold outside!  Frost and sub-freezing temps in the morning?  Enough already….

It’s  been a busy week:  the yarn store I work at moved to a new location and will reopen on Monday so any free time this week was spent there.  And of course there were Easter preparations to accomplish….


Little boxes with pink colored, egg-shaped rice krispie treats for my nieces. 




Adding a bit of pink food coloring was just the ticket to make the rice krispie treats look delicious.

Some spring flowers for mom and Ali….


My latest hat:  Emma from Knitting Little Luxuries.  This hat was fun to make and I was able to whip it up last Sunday (of course that’s all I did….).  It’s made from my new fave, Ultra Alpaca.  I’ve got to knit me a sweater out of this stuff–it knits and washes up so nicely!


And as it is 5 AM on a Sunday and I’ve been up since 4 after a CRAPPY night of no sleep (no more coffee at night!)  I think I’ll feed the dogs and head back to bed so that Henry can wake me up in 45 minutes to check out his easter basket.

I’ll leave you with a picture of one of our fields yesterday.


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3 Responses to

  1. pam says:

    Happy Easter!
    Love all your beautiful photos and beautiful smiling peoples!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Love the hat! And the boxes are just too cute!

  3. Susan says:

    Happy Easter a day late. I do hope the little birds/nests/flowers lifted off the tops of those boxes. What a treasure one of those would be!

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