I must be a really boring person:  I was on the phone with my sister Alison a few days ago, telling her about my workout when I noticed how quiet the phone line was.  I said ,"hello, hello" a few times to no response.  I looked at my phone which said it was still connected but figured the call must have been dropped so I closed my phone and figured I’d call her back in a few minutes.  As I set my phone down, it rang.  Alison began by apologizing–"I’m so sorry!  So sorry!  I fell asleep as you were talking…"  What????!!!  "Your voice was soothing and you were talking about your achilles tendon and I just fell asleep…."  Now, I know she was in bed and that I had probably awakened her from snoozing but to fall asleep a few sentences into a conversation…..Me and my melodious voice…..


Chicks!  We now have 6 new freeloaders residing in our bathroom enjoying the spa atmosphere of a warming lamp among the other amenities.  I got one of each:  a leghorn, a silver laced wyandotte, a golden laced wyandotte, a golden sexlink, a barred rock and, just to have some fun:  a white crested black polish.  Those are the ones who look like their always wearing a hat that Phyllis Diller would wear.  Already I’m tired of the intrusion and can’t wait until they move out to their own abode.  And the cats sit outside the bathroom door in a creepy way listening to the chicks chirp……

I’m still struggling to get everything done and still find time to knit like I was able to do in the winter but its not looking good.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to start getting up even earlier than 5:45 or get up but not lie in bed with my coffee and the news for a half hour….

In good news, we spent a bit of last Sunday out in the yard, cleaning up and taking stock of what winter had wreaked.  We freed some budding (!) lilac bushes in the back from the clutches of the noxious blackberry vines that cover everything like those fast growing vines in Jumanji.  I was able to prune lots of roses and hopefully Doug will be able to fix the fence so that the damn deer will have to look at my garden fondly from outside as opposed to using my plants as their personal salad bar.  It was lovely to be outside and I really enjoyed it.  The daffodils in my field are blooming so I took it upon myself to pick three bucketsfull to have in the house and take to work.  However, my rear end was SCREAMING at me every time I bent over to pick the blooms.  I guess my work out on Friday had some lasting effects.  Every time I bent over, I held my breath and either groaned or moaned or whimpered in pain.  At one point, Doug was working near me and asked,"What the hell is wrong with you?"  I told him of my gluteal ailment and he giggled.  Butthead….

I recently watched the SouthPark episode where Cartman pretends he has Tourette’s Syndrom–I love that one!  So I will leave you with an appropriate cry of "Ass!  Asssss!"

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4 Responses to

  1. pam says:

    You seriously crack me up.

  2. Ava says:

    Those “poor” cats having to listen to, well, dinner in the bathroom. HA! At least now I know what to call those crazy black and white ones.

  3. Rebecca says:

    OK, I just woke the house by shrieking with laughter as I read this post, so don’t worry, no one is sleeping here!!

  4. annmarie says:

    some serious laughing on *this* coast…achilles tendon, eh?

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