Those are my ducks enjoying a treat of Kix in the snow.  That’s Quackers who looks like he’s dancing "to the left…"   My chickens, however didn’t fare quite so well in the snow and sub-freezing temps.  They decided to spend the night outside the coop on a night that got down to 22 degrees.  I woke up the next morning and saw a chicken perched on the back of the bench where she had been hanging out the day before and was worried that she had frozen to death and was frozen to the bench.  I through on my jacket over my pajamas and my Uggs, put on my earflap hat and my Bird in Hand mittens, and tromped outside to find out her fate.  She was alive but cold and easy to catch so I grabbed her and stuck her in my jacket to warm her up (she was shivering).  I started toward the house when Doug asked me where I was going, to which I replied, "By the fire to warm Lizzie  up…."  Doug said no f-ing way was I bringing a chicken in the house (I don’t know why not; the freakin cat brings in birds, mice, bunnies and moles…) and to put the chicken down so that she could eat some food that he’d set down for her.  My instincts told me she needed to warm up first so I held her in my jacket for about 15 minutes until I could feel the warmth of her body before I put her down.  I do think she quite liked it as she didn’t make a peep and she didn’t try to get away.  Doug can be a poopoohead.

The snow has been pretty and fun and my kids have been to school 5 out of the last 8 days and most of those days have been 2 hour delay days.  It keeps it exciting, I guess.

Angiesnow All is well with Angus as long as he has a tennis ball–it doesn’t matter if it’s frozen solid….

I’m trying desperately to finish a pair of socks for me and I’m really enjoying listening to Outlander on my ipod–I started it last friday and I’ve finished 8 hours out of 32.  Its nice to have something good to listen to with all the crap that’s on tv because of the writers strike.  I’ve been spinning a bit too and Riley’s become entranced with my new wheel and she’s spinning in her free time when she’s not studying for finals.

Otherwise, all is well and at the usual level of chaos.  Ruby got straight A’s her first quarter at college, Riley is loving high school and is getting fabulous grades as well, and Hen is driving us crazy (I swear he’s a mini Ed!)  and starting his basketball season.  Doug and I just try to keep up and make sure that everyone (fowl, cats and dogs included) has food.  You all know what I mean…

And because I know you’re not bored yet–more Fake Isle Hat pics soon!

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  1. Ava says:

    Ooooh . . . looks like spring on your blog (not the photos). Got a real kick out of imagining your walking around with a chicken in your coat. I might have to side with Dough on this one. I am actually “hoping” for a snow day on Friday as I have a ton of knitting to do and I really would like to sit on my butt, listen to a book, and knit. Maybe we’ll institute no tv because it’s all crap nights here!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I am mighty relieved to hear Lizzie is OK and laughing so hard at your tale! Who do those cats think they are?

  3. annmarie says:

    the ducks look quite happy and I’m glad to hear that the hen survived her experience! 😮 by the way, I’m with you in bringing the poor thing indoors to warm up…

  4. willow says:

    I suppose that a chicken in your coat is better than a fox like the poor little Spartan boy. I’m glad to know the chicken is doing well.

  5. Susan says:

    oh good on you, great chicken saver! When I was very young and living on a farm in Ohio, we had a pig that had a litter in the middle of a horrendous cold/snowy time. My mom would go out and bring in the piglets and they would snooze in boxes by the heat registers until they got really warm and then take them out to nurse. I thought it the best thing ever to have a little piggie sleeping in my room. Later tho, my mom vehemently denied ever bringing a pig in the house. Guess she thought it too uncool. LOL

  6. Lee says:

    I agree that you should have been able to bring the chicken in the house to warm up! Glad that she seems okay!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I have left something on my blog for you…

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