What a lovely time of year–60 degrees outside, leaves falling and no rain in sight.  I should have been out in the yard today putting the garden to bed but instead I was in my very clean and cozy cottage making more little christmas houses.  I spent most of my day off on Friday out there in blissful peace and quiet.  I even forgot to take my ipod out with me and didn’t feel the need to go back into the house to get it.  It was a windy day and I just sat at my counter by the window and played with paint, glitter, glue and tinsel and listened to the wind blow the firs outside and watch big yellow maple leaves fly by.  I was quite content, really.

The fruits of my labor are almost finished and I’ll be putting them up on my Etsy store soon.  It feels good to work creatively on something other than knitting (which I’m still doing at night).  Doug brought a table into my cottage to put under the turquoise cabinet to get me some more room and he made me a bulletin board out of an old french window that he needs to put up on the wall.  The cottage feels warm and comfortable and now I don’t go out there and just get bummed about the dust and cobwebs and thread clippings on the floor.  Now I can play…

I have another busy week ahead but its not too bad as I’m back to normal hours at the yarn store and this is Doug’s last week of football!  Yea!!  Say hello to dinner at normal hours!  Kids in bed before 10!  And due to spending quality time with my friends Mr. Washer and Ms. Dryer, I can see the floor of my laundry room.  Things are looking up!  (At least they are in the laundry room–there’s still enough fur to make a medium sized dog on the floor of my foyer….)

Speaking of fur, I won’t disgust you by showing a picture of the volley ball sized pile of undercoat I took off of Angus this morning.  I left it out instead of throwing it away so that Doug could be in awe of it too.  He thought it was a dog toy until he looked closer….My kids asked if I was going to spin it….


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  1. b says:

    Spun labrador fur! You’re onto something there! And no shortage either!

    Of course, I can perfectly picture you in the cottage enjoying your solitude out there. What lovely memories I will forever hold of that cottage. I’m happy you had such a lovely day.

  2. willow says:

    Have you ever spun dog hair? I did a couple of years ago, for a friend, and I volunteered to do some for another friend. What was I thinking? It smells–like dog.

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