It’s done, washed and worn and comfortable.  I don’t think I’m going to turn it into a cardigan–I like it just the way it is.  It is surprising that it all worked out because working from the bottom up is pretty frustrating and doesn’t really lend itself to shaping on the fly or customizing.  All in all, it was a fun and easy knit and I would do it again.  I don’t think I could have too many sweaters out of the Kathmandu Aran Tweed–that yarn is just lovely.

In other news, I have a cold–not a big one, just enough to be annoying.  I fell asleep at about 9:15 last night and I don’t think I moved until 5:30 this morning.  As today is my day off, I’m going to do a few things around the house and then take it easy.  I am looking forward to working on some projects in my cottage and also giving the cottage a good cleaning!  I can’t work in a space that is messy–it justs pisses me off instead of inspiring creativity. 

I can’t believe its already the middle of October!  I have started on a few christmas gifts and I think that will be my focus for the next few months.  That will give me time to stew over what sweater I want to tackle next.  I’ve seen a lot of beautiful patterns out there but I’m not sure what I want.  This is what I’m leaning towards.  I guess I shouldn’t think about it too much or I’ll get distracted…I would like to make another few pairs of wristwarmers soon and some will be for gifts.  I got some Blue Moon medium weight yarn at OFFF to make a pair for myself, so maybe….

Other than having a cold and finishing my sweater, nothing much is going on.  It is blissfully boring here and I’m not complaining.  Its definitely getting cooler and a yard/garden/porch clean-up is in order so maybe that will happen (or not) this weekend in between Hen’s flag football game, Ruby coming home, cottage cleaning and crafting with Riley.  And sleeping in….

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9 Responses to Tada!

  1. india says:

    Looks great,

  2. Pam says:

    Ohhh sleeping in! Love the sweater! You look good in it!

  3. Anna says:

    Great sweater! Hope you feel better.

  4. willow says:

    The color scheme looks great for you and for the season. Hope you’re feeling better. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Jeanne says:

    The sweater is beautiful…just gorgeous and it looks so nice on you! I really want to make one like this. I hope you feel better!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Oh it’s gorgeous, I am coveting it for myself, it looks really good on you.

  7. Cara says:

    Fantastic! I love the sweater – and it looks cozy and wonderful!

  8. annmarie says:

    sweater looks great and so do you! hope you’re feeling better by now – colds and flu are hitting my students and me big time the last couple of weeks. 😦

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