This was taken as I was cruising home at 60 mph.  I had to keep my eyes on the road but the light and clouds and green fields were just too pretty to miss.  I’m so glad the seasons have changed!

I’ve been a bad blogger but I’ve been a busy knitter–the fairisle yoke pullover is 8 rows away from being finished!  I spent most of yesterday in bed, in my jammies, watching movies or listening to my book and knitting like a fiend!  I needed that–a real "do nothing" day.  I won’t even mention the horrible end to my day when that idiot freshman quarterback for Cal ruined our hopes and chances to be #1 in the nation if only for one week.  It will take a lot of knitting to make that heartbreak go away….I’m hoping to have pictures of the sweater in the next few days after its been washed and dried and its splendiforousness is at its full potential.

In other news, there was dying done:


There is more aqua and light brown than this picture shows.  Its a blend of merino, targhee and ramboullet.  I can’t wait to spin it–I’ve got a whole pound!


This is BFL, 8oz.  Again, you can’t see all the colors but its pinks and blues and browns and a little bit of sage green. 



I call this mimosa.  I found some silk bombyx caps amongst my fiber in my stash and I thought I’d play around with it too.  I actually used bright red, gold and brown on this but when you draft it all the colors become soft and muted and so, so pretty.  I may spin this as singles and then ply it with some wool to make it go farther.  Its hard to believe this lovely stuff comes out of a caterpillers butt!

I know this post is just a teaser but that sweater is calling me and I must obey…..

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