Another day off, hallelujah!  I’m feeling better lately–I’ve been taking vitamins (I know, I know, what 43 year old idiot doesn’t take vitamins….)  and I’ve got more energy and less aches and pains.  But last weekend was a killer and I definitely don’t want this one to be the same.

Saturday my mom, Riley and I are going to have our own little workshop in my cottage.  We’ve got a plan and have gathered our supplies and are going to get a bit of our christmas stuff out of the way.  Glitter, glue guns, fake snow…I think a little cottage cleaning is in order beforehand–that place is a disaster! Spiders, dust, threads on the floor….and probably turn on the heater as its getting a bit nippy these days!  I’m looking forward to a little creativity and seeing that Cal has a bye this weekend I’ll be able to pull myself away from the tv on a Saturday.


I wish I had some knitting to show but I’m still plodding through the Lopi Lite Pullover and a pair of socks.  None of it is exciting in the least.  I need to finish the socks, start another pair for a friend and then I can knit another pair of wristwarmers.  I’m trying to keep things manageable these days–its the only part of my life I can control at the moment so I’m jumping on it.  Christmas and 4 birthdays (niece on Nov.21, Henry on Nov.28, Riley on Christmas-Frickin-Eve! and Ed’s 70th!!!!! on Dec.17) are seriously breathing down my neck and I’m starting to get all nervous and jerky just thinking about it…

Off I go, I’m going to get an hour of spinning in before I have to pick up the two at school.

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