I meant to post earlier–I haven’t sat down once today!  I hate that!   And I hate people who whine about how busy they are–I guess I’m just making excuses for why I’ve nothing really exciting to say….Its rainy out, there’s a fire going, I’m making progress on the sleeve of my fair isle pullover/cardigan, football is on and….dishes, laundry, apple pie and lasagna.  I’m going to sit myself down and do some knitting.  I’m a little pissed off because our local PBS station has broken up their showings of the Inspector Lynley series 6 for The War by Ken Burns who, frankly, leaves me cold.  I just don’t think his stuff is very interesting and I end up falling asleep an hour in.  I think the subject is fascinating but his style annoys me.  Oh well, maybe theres a good movie on TCM.

Grape_harvest07We took advantage of the dry weather yesterday to pick some of the luscious grape harvest that we have this year.  We didn’t even make a dent with the 40 vines.  They’re table grapes, not wine grapes–what was that dude thinking when he planted that many vines?  I was intending to make some grape jam this weekend but that didn’t happen.  We also ventured out to the old orchard where there are about 6 really old and huge apple trees that haven’t been pruned for about 30 years.  The apples are small and have some blemishes but dang, they’re sweet.  That’s why I made an apple pie today–too good to pass up. 

Went over to Mom and Dad’s to watch the Cal game yesterday (Cal vs. University of Oregon–had to taunt Ruby) , and definitely got more excitement than we bargained for!  They won, but it was exciting until the end!

I still haven’t touched any of my goodies from OFFF and can’t wait to try dyeing and spinning up some of that lovely stuff.  I’m being pretty good about starting new projects and trying to keep on track seeing that Christmas is coming but it’s getting increasingly hard!  Ravelry is a fabulous resource but I also get inspired and tempted all too easily by looking at everyone else’s lovely projects!  I still think Ravelry is one of the most useful tools to a knitter around–I’m on that sight at least 3 times a day… 

Well, off to knitting and putting my feet up, finally!

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