I’m a Navajo plying fool!  I spun 8 ounces of some BFL and decided that I wanted to keep the striping so I plied it all up–I can’t believe how fast it goes!  I’ve decided to make myself an earflap hat out of it because the pattern I use calls for Manos and this yarn is very similar in gauge.  It definitely is different than two ply yarn and feels like knitting with rope but I’m loving how its turning out.

I played with dyeing last weekend with mixed results.  I keep adding too much dye to the roving and though I get beautiful vibrant colors, it isn’t really what I’m going for.  I dyed 4 ounces in a color called Harry (think peacock) and another 4 ounces in a mottled brown that should be pretty once spun.  I may try some more this weekend because I really want to be successful at this and I want to be able to create what I see in my mind.  The microwave does make the whole dyeing process easier though.

And, yes, I’m still plugging along on the alpaca wristwarmers for Riley.


They are turning out just lovely but I’ve had to make some slight alterations due to the fiber being alpaca and not wool–it does behave differently.  I think I like them equally as well as the Silky Wool though I find the Silky Wool easier to work with.  Our LYS is ordering more colors of the alpaca so I’m sure another pair will be in the works soon enough.

It is time to start knitting Christmas presents….

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