It’s been a busy weekend trying to get ready for school, get organized  and take care of business.  We kicked off the weekend with Doug’s team’s first game of the year which made for a late Friday night.  Saturday was lovely as I was able to sit and knit and watch Cal beat the pants off of Tennessee (they killed us last year…).  You know how I love to watch college football and knit–there’s just nothing better!  Sunday I cast on for some more Composed Mitt Wristwarmers but this time out of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport Weight.  And today I made two batches of peach jam and a triple batch of bread.  All of this was punctuated by knitting, napping, staying in my pajamas and generally relaxing whenever I could.  So, yeah, I got some stuff done this weekend but I also recharged the old batteries with lots of sleep and knitting when I could.  I’m listening to a good book on my ipod and that makes me want to sit on my butt and knit most of the time.  Too bad the laundry can’t wash itself….

The wristwarmers:


And two Felted Pumpkins:


So, tomorrow is back to work and a preview of school and before you know it we’ll all be wondering where the summer went…..

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  1. india says:

    I’ve neen jam and breadmaking,, too. Very satisfying as well as tasty ;0)
    Now I need to go find a great flour supplier in Switzerland – we are moving to Zurich at the begining of the year ;0)

  2. Tracy says:

    Love those felted pumpkins–they are so sweet! Homemade bread and jam…I can almost taste it–YUM! Lovely yarn colors for the wristwarmers. I’ve been doing a little more knitting lately–feels great, something about knitting and fall..a great combo! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  3. willow says:

    It’s been way too warm here to even think about knitting wristwarmers or baking bread. I’m looking forward to cooler weather and then I’ll jump on the wristwarmer wagon–they’re beautiful! And your color work is, too.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Oh peach jam sounds lovely, as does your day. It is great to get back a little time to ourselves isn’t it?

  5. Rebecca says:

    Oh peach jam sounds lovely, as does your day. It is great to get back a little time to ourselves isn’t it?

  6. Anna says:

    You were busy. What pattern did you use for the cute felted pumpkins?

  7. ~vicki says:

    LOVE those pumpkins! It does feel like fall is here doesn’t it?

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