I keep trying to sit down and blog this morning but things keep grabbing my attention…You know, that big mountain in the other room that is my laundry…the rumpled mess on my bed that are sheets…I won’t even mention the disaster that is my kitchen…But its a day off and I’m inclined to knit and listen to a good book on my ipod.  Maybe a nap, too.

I’m splitting my time between the LeSlouch hat and the Felted Pumpkin from Knitty.  I’ve completed one and am working on another for the yarn shop I work at.  I’d love to make a bunch for myself in different colors but I don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve that this year.  Not with some more wristwarmers beckoning to be cast on in Frog Tree Alpaca…I don’t think the wristwarmers will be conducive to knit at the high school football games I’ll be enduring while my husband coaches so maybe some mindless little pumpkins will fit the bill.

Well, the beep of the dryer calls….

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  1. willow says:

    I hope you had a nice day off, with lots of knitting. I’m on my three day vacation now, what with Labor Day!

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