Not much knitting has been getting done as we prepare for the beginning of school next week. 

Clothes shopping at the local mall was an experience that I would love to pass on every single year!  Why, why, why must they (by they I mean Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle and every other teen targetted store) blare music so loud it makes your head hurt and you have to yell to your teen to ask them about size (which of course is only for 4 year old sized teenagers) that you can’t see anyway because the store must not have paid the electric bill because its dark in there??!!!  And, what’s with the pervasive man cologne smell that oozes out of the store so you can smell it when you walk by??  And the placement of huge plants all over the store so you’re being hit in the face constantly because its crowded, theres no room to move, you can’t see and you’re disoriented by the throbbing music!!!!!  I guess its easy to tell who the parents are:  we’re the ones who look like we’re walking through a fun house while our teens look cool and collected (cool being the operative word here–very, very cool and having a great time…)  Thankfully that is over with and we don’t have to do that until next year.

I’ve cast on and knit about 4 inches of Le Slouch:


So far its an easy knit and I’m not even minding the seed stitch which can be tedious.  Maybe I’ll be able to sit myself down and relax and knit tonight after work.  Or maybe I’ll just have a glass of wine and pass out…

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  1. willow says:

    Oh wow! Your blog is beautiful–all decked out for autumn. I am soooo glad the shopping for school days are over, except for The Professor and me and we don’t shop in ‘those’ stores.

  2. Tracy says:

    Love that yarn color–like autumn leaves! It’s probably a good thing DH & I don’t have kiddies…that back-to-school shopping lark sounds maddening–eeeekkk! LOL! Rest, relax, knit…((HUGS)) :O)

  3. Pam says:

    Ahh that sounds like Hollister. I hate that place. The sizes kill me. And yes, they do spray cologne many times during the day.. we knew someone who worked there. Everytime we walked by the mall we said, hey that smells like Matt.

    I’m glad those days are passed.

  4. Ava says:

    Like the redecorating here . . . tres chic! We were just talking about Hollister today at cheerleading as I was wearing a pair of Hollister flip flops (the only item that fits me in that store). I can’t wait for former employees to sue the company in ten years when they have both hearing and sight loss. The only way I can take it is to sit with a knitting project while the girls shop.

  5. Rebecca says:

    We are getting ready for school here too, it’s the school shoe shopping experience that I hate, in some shops you have to take a ticket to queue! We waited 40 minutes in queue and came out considerably poorer.

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