I’m sitting here listening to news reports  about flooding and record heat and in my little corner of the world its definitely whispering autumn.  Maybe more than whispering–the high temp for this week has only been 78 degrees!  I’m not complaining, though.  With autumn comes football and I’ve only 1 1/2 weeks until Cal plays Tennessee.  Damn I love football!  The whole football schedule thing is so ingrained in me because of Doug playing so many years.  It was  the schedule we based our whole life on.  We’d get wedding invitations and hope they were going to take place on the off season so we could attend.  We tried to plan kids births during the off season.  I only missed going to 2 of his games during his 10 year career:  the one days before I had Riley and the one immediately after I had her.  Football was our way of life.   The long summer filled with camp and pre-season and just hoping to survive healthy to be able to make through the long haul of the regular season.  It was so long ago but the feelings still persist.  Doug still has people he works with wanting to see his Superbowl Ring even though he played that game 16 years ago.  In a way I’m glad he’s coaching because football is as much a part of fall for me as turning leaves.  However, I can guarantee I won’t be waxing poetic like this in November….


And in the I Must Be Losing My Mind Category:  yesterday was my mom’s birthday.  She and my dad invited the whole family over for cake and coffee (it being the middle of the week, its hard to get everyone together for dinner).  I had her present ready and waiting.  We drove over to their house, I got out of the car and……..yeah, you know the drill:  I left the present sitting on the kitchen counter.   So, today I’ll be heading over there with her pretty gift and we’ll be extending her birthday a bit.   (Anybody watch Clatterford on BBCA?  Rosie and her "What’ll NOT be happenen is….")  I did remember my knitting and brought my wristwarmers for a show and tell…obviously my priorities are a bit screwed up!

I have the rest of the week off and school clothes shopping must be done but I plan on giving my cottage a good clean and making some headway on my knitting projects so that when the siren’s song of new projects comes along (it always does…..) I won’t be taken to much off guard.  How’s that for planning?

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