This is Harry my peacock.  He was hanging around the front porch hoping to get some bread, rice, popcorn or catfood.  He’s no snob and he’s not shy about letting you know when he’s hungry.   He’s taken over Quackers porch duty–thank goodness he doesn’t go after the dogs!

What a lovely morning I had!  I woke up at 8, Doug went to get fresh cinnamon rolls from a local bakery which I had with coffee, then I rolled back into bed to READ (yes, you heard right:  I’m reading a book) until 11.  I never get to be that lazy–it was wonderful!  I’m reading a book called Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter.  It’s another one of those Jane Austeny-lover/can’t get over perfect Mr. Darcy books but so far its okay. 

When I finally rolled out of bed I made my way to my cottage for more pincushion love:


I have been working on other things in the cottage but certain people whose birthdays are this upcoming weekend always seem to read my blog to spoil their surprise so no pictures until after the birthdays….Alison…………


I haven’t had much time to read blogs of late but I read the sweetest post here.  It was just….sweet.

Must go season the fajita chicken and then its a night of 


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5 Responses to july15

  1. pam says:

    That was a sweet minty bear post. I love your photos. Those pincushions are divine, as are the roses.

  2. Alison says:

    Damn! I thought for sure that you would spill the beans about my gift! Well I guess I’ll have to wait a few more days. I do love your blog. I’m lucky to get to see all of your talents all the time. Love you! Ali

  3. Tracy says:

    Awww…so cute that bear post! More lovely pincushions–they are fantastic! Harry the peacock is gorgeously beautiful, but he looks a little intimidating–eek! Sounds like you had a fun weekend–goodies. ((HUGS)) :o)

  4. b says:

    Great close up of Harry. How I miss him peering in the window at me, but not so much when I was dressing!

    Incredible pincushions. I love the variety…some with buttons, some with beads. All gorgeous and they further illustrate your amazing talent!

    Hope you are all doing well and had fun playing monopoly!

  5. annmarie says:

    After reading your first post about the pincushions you’ve been making, I started a search here in NYC for the magazine the pattern appears in. Yesterday, I finally tracked down a copy in the B&N near Lincoln Center. This just might be the project that will spur me on to some sewing. I always seem to pick up the knitting or a book instead! Yours are beautifully inspiring work!

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