july 10


Let’s start out by saying its scorching hot here in Oregon.  And the power company has politely informed me that they have scheduled a power outage for our street tomorrow between 8:30 and 2:30.  The whole state of Oregon tends to cram all their fixing of streets, power lines, construction into 3 months in the summer when its not raining.  You can’t drive anywhere in this town without meeting flaggers and detours.  Oh well, its another opportunity to breathe deeply….you know what I mean….

Lately we’ve been having an issue with the goats:  they’ve been breaking out of their pen 4-7 times a day.  I think they’re coming out for the interaction as much as the added munchy bonus.  The kids and I were sitting on the patio feeding them sliced apples and giving them pets and scratching under their chins on Saturday.  I guess we weren’t really helping the situation but they’re so damn friendly that I do wish we could keep them out always….


On the duck front, Quackers seems extremely happy in his new pen equipped with two baby pools and new friends.  However, the great duck pimping experiment has gone awry:  I’m pretty sure that out of the 4 new ducks I procured for Quacks, only 1 is a girl.  Doug constantly reminds me that I’m an idiot…..

I’ve tried to go out to my cottage to work on some things that have been floating around my head but the cottage has been so dang hot when I get home from work that sitting in my chair with my knitting and a gin and tonica (Adam Sandler) sounds way better.  I did come up with the cutest bag so maybe I’ll be able to work a little on Thursday morning.

I think I’ll go indulge in my latest favorite dessert:  a dollop of tapioca pudding with spoonfuls (lots) of fruit salad and a little squirt of light whip cream on top.  Don’t the English have something like that called a Fool?  Anyway, its good, cool and not as fattening as most desserts.


Stay cool…(this may be dating me, but isn’t that what lots of people wrote in high school yearbooks back in the 80’s?)

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6 Responses to july 10

  1. pam says:

    I have heard about the heat and been thinking about you. And no electricity, that’s just a crime!!! We’ve had cooler temps and RAIN tonight. Well little drippy bits, not so much real rain. Love your photos. The flowers are so pretty and those goats really darling.

    Keep cool!

  2. Tracy says:

    Sorry to hear you’re frying to a crisp over there! Hope you find ways to keep cool…Your fruit dessert is a good way! Yes, and English fool is a dessert of whipped cream with a sugary fruit puree folded in–they are very delicious and so easy to make. Beautiful flowers–love the casual arrangement. Those crafty goats sure a cute, in spite of all their escaping & whatnot ;o)

  3. Cara says:

    Love the flowers – and the dessert looks yummy. It’s terribly hot here too.

  4. Ava says:

    Every time the news shows something out west with the heat and all, I think about you and three other bloggers that I have “met” this past year. Hopefully the power outage didn’t last the full time and hope you found some way to stay cool. For me, I drift from chair to chair as one gets too hot from sitting and knitting. Enjoy the “fool” . . . you lost me with the tapioca!

  5. Vicki says:

    Heh, you had me at gin & tonica! I’m such a dork. I love that song!! It’s just a little bit funnier every time I hear it.

    We finally had a break in the weather yesterday and all I can say is that I hope everyone else gets one, too! I have a few of your posts bookmarked in b’lines just so I can look at your lovely sewing and projects as I scroll to the most recent post, so it’s pure selfishness that makes me want YOUR weather to break… I want you to get to work so I can see what your cute new bag looks like. ; )

  6. Jeanne says:

    Our heat wave just broke last night – although I couldn’t wait for summer this year, I’m ready for fall now and cooler (cold) weather! Hope yours breaks soon too. You dessert looks very yummy! Love the goat picture!

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