I’m plugging along on the Tofutsie sock.  Plain old stockinette, size 1 needles.  I am using–get this–size 00 for the heel and gusset of the foot.  I’ve worn holes through at least 3 pairs of socks made from Opal and I don’t want to keep knitting socks and having them sprout holes.  I don’t know why my socks are thinning so much–maybe its the machine washing?  I usually machine wash and hang dry (sometimes machine dry) but I HAVE to machine wash:  with two yellow labs the amount of dog "fiber" on the bottom of my socks is disgusting.  Hand washing just doesn’t get it out.

Saw Fantastic Four yesterday with Henry and Doug.  We like going to matinees when movies have been out for a week or two–we get the whole theatre to ourselves.  Came home,  made some pincushions (I don’t own any–I’ve always used vintage tea cups for pins but that’s not conducive to keeping track of needles), knit and listened to my book until I fell asleep.  Didn’t even hear Ruby drive up and come into the house until she kissed me on the cheek to let me know she was home.  Today will be more of the same…better hop to it….

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