The Latest In Home Security

Betcha you all wish you had one of these:


He sat  on the porch tapping on the french doors until we could take in no more.  Big things got achieved this weekend and among them was moving the new ducks into a bigger yard and introducing Quackers to his new friends.  Now my duck pimping mission is complete and Quackers is hanging out with the ladies in the chicken yard so no more tapping on the windows, no more chasing the dogs whenever they come out, and no more terrorizing of people on their way to their cars (or terrorizing their cars, for that matter).  Even though he is only about 100 yards away in the chicken yard, I do miss him a little–the nice parts of him.  But I think he’s much happier with his gaggle of ladies than he was by himself.  Now we need to figure out what to do with the chickens….

As I said before, big things happened this weekend.  The goat got sheared.  Otto (the other Labrador) got his toenails clipped.  There was an incredible amount of weed whacking, weed spraying and mowing.  All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about the progress.

And, another string bag was completed!  I’m finishing knitting projects now because I’m getting knitting bored but I can’t figure out what I want to start.  I think I’ll get these bags out of the way and then I’ll have all summer to play…until I start thinking about Christmas presents…..

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6 Responses to The Latest In Home Security

  1. Pam says:

    Glad to hear he’s in his new situation. I wonder, do you think he was messing with your ducks? Sounds like you got a lot done! Pictures, we want pictures!

  2. willow says:

    I know what you mean about doing mindless knitting right now. I’m finishing up a granny square afghan and a knitted afghan my dd made her husband, but didn’t know how to crochet the edging. Focusing on those projects keeps me from having to make a decision about my blue Cashsoft. I love it but don’t want to commit to just any pattern; it has to be a special one…

  3. Tracy says:

    Funny post…From the picture though, Quackers looks so innocent–LOL! Summer–it’s more about mindless knitting, isn’t it? Must be something about the sun beckoning to us that makes us only able to handle the lightest of knit & other projects…Happy Days! :o)

  4. Jeanne says:

    I hope Quackers is happier in his new area – and very cute picture!

  5. b says:

    awww…sweet quackers! how nice of you to get him some females. 🙂 i’m happy to hear that you are doing well. this nice weather so makes me miss sitting on your porch with rum punch or mike’s hard cranberry drinks! miss you all and sending my love.

  6. I do have that!! Times 2. We have 2 ducks, Wyncken and BLynken, who appear at our back french door and knock for food. They love chicken food and chicken scratch, despite the very large pond they live in, and all the bugs and grass seeds around the place.

    What gets me is when I am weeding the garden – they will come up behind me and tickle my ribs with their bills – scares me everytime – but they continue to hope it will get them more food!

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