I wish I could be a more prolific blogger.  I’m up at 5 friggin 50 in the morning.  I don’t go to sleep until 10:30 at night.  You’d think I could squeeze in a couple of lines.  Maybe when school is out….

My day off went like this:

phone the pharmacy until it opened to see if there was a refill on Riley’s Patanol for her itchy eyes.

phone the doctor to get Henry an appointment to get his hand and wrist xrayed because he fell playing soccer at school the other day.

race to the next town to get my hair cut and colored (I swear I am a slave to my hair and the unwanted grays in it!).

race to the doctor, then to xray, then back to doctor to find out that, no, its not broken (the Little League season is saved!) but he needs to rest it until the swelling and pain are gone.

get my ass (and tagalong son’s) back home to let the dogs out and eat some lunch.

get my ass (and tagalong son’s) back into town to pick up Riley from school.

go to craft store to get supplies for one, or another’s school project.  (not totally a waste of time:  got some more cotton for the string bags at a better price than the drugstore!)

get all our asses home to feed dogs and selves.

take Riley back in to town to  attend opening of Pirates of the Caribbean with a friend.

I’m thinking its a martini night….Maybe I should work 5 days a week….

And now, pictures:

Two more teacher string bags


My lovely Kathmandu Tweed for my cable cardi, a dusty bluish, grayish, lilac


and, because of course I need more sock yarn, two skeins of Tofutsies


I’m spent……

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