You know what time it is…..


I went out to my garden to see what was blooming and almost got scared out of my wellies:  there are weeds as big as bushes all over my garden!  In and amongst my flowers!  I so don’t want to go out and weed–I’m just not in the mood.   But if I don’t the situation will be way worse next year…. At least I did find some lovelies to pick and photograph….


And there has been knitting!  I spent Mothers Day knitting a string bag to keep in my car for trips to the Farmers Market….


I opted for the inexpensive washcloth cotton from the drugstore as opposed to Cotton Classic for my first one to see how it turned out.  I actually like it in that and I thought it would make great teachers gifts for the end of the year.  Maybe fill it with some yummy stuff from the farmers market–fresh veggies and fruit and maybe a bag of kettle corn.  Who wouldn’t love that?  So I’m onto my second bag and am enjoying the instant gratification of such a quick knit.  It takes about the same time as knitting a washcloth and its just as useful….

Well, as its my day off I’ve a shitload of things to do–what shall it be:  knitting?  sewing?  or reading the new John Sandford book I bought yesterday……

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