Mothers Day is fast approaching.  And I’m planning on making this:


Its the Wrap Cardigan from Jo Sharps Contemporary Knitting Book.  It will be my most ambitious project to date.  As I’ve been working my little brain into a fever trying to chart the pattern because it doesn’t come charted and also because I want to knit it in one piece, my husband so very kindly bought me this for Mothers Day.  Doesn’t he know he’s creating a monster?  Just think of what I can achieve with this handy little program!  I tried out the demo and it’s very easy to use.  Well, you all know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

I’ve been out working in my cottage every night for an hour or so trying to get things done for my mom and sisters for mothers day.  Unfortunately, two of them are big lurkers thusly spoiling it for you innocent readers as you can’t see anything that I’m working on.  I did get a great skirt pattern book,  Sew What Skirts by Francesca DenHartog and a great pattern Cute Skirts Sewing Pattern by Favorite Things  and some really cool summery fabric  (Amy Butler’s print with turquoise peacocks on an orange background).  So I can’t wait to start sewing up some skirts for the summer.

Soon this blog will be filled with pictures of roses again as there are TONS OF BUDS on all my rose bushes and the climber on the cottage, Colette, looks to be having an amazing year.  As if I need a few more gigabytes of rose pictures….

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