I found these Lily of the Valley growing next to the hammock under our cherry trees so I picked them to add to the bluebells in the little bouquet I put in Toni’s room when she came to visit last week.  There’s only a few of them and I have to remember to check for them every year because they’re just too sweet to forget.

Toni and I had a great visit sewing and chatting in the cottage and projects were actually completed.  The knitting took a back seat so I have no pictures to show of WIPs but I do have this:


Its a variation on the Desk Organizer from Amy Butler’s In Stitches.  I made it larger than the CD holder but shorter than the Desk Organizer and I made floppy handles and put them on the front for a picnic basket look.  All in all, I like the book and the pictures and projects are great.  However, the directions could be a little more fluid and some of the numbers didn’t work out like they should have even though I checked and rechecked….I think it might be a little difficult for a beginner to figure out what needs to be done on some of the steps.  I do love my little basket, though, and have it sitting by my knitting chair with all of my knitting paraphernalia in it.  It would also be perfect as a place to stash a current project or as a yarn holder…It all revolves around knitting for me, doesn’t it?

Have a good week, all.  I won’t stay away so long….

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  1. Tracy says:

    Love lily of the valley *SIGH* Ours will bloom finally this year–can’t wait for them! Your fabric basket is wonderful–love the fabrics and shape. Happy Days! :o)

  2. India says:

    I really like the material on the outside of the bag. I’ve been thinking about buying that Amy Butler book – do you think it’s a good buy?

  3. willow says:

    I second Tracy. The outside of the bag is wonderful; the fabric is beautiful. I like the detail of the handles on the outside.

  4. b says:

    The Lily of the Valley are so beautiful…as is that bag! I’m glad you had a nice visit with Toni. Enjoy the upcoming week of (hopefully) beautiful weather! Miss you!

  5. Vicki says:

    Hey! I “glanced at you” earlier and had to bookmark the bloglines feed. I’m glad you popped over to say “hey.”

    My lilies of the valley are JUST starting to bloom. Love that scent.

    That desktop organizer is FABULOUS! I’ll have to look for that book. Honestly, I bought fabric for a top, will have to sew a lining for my crocheted bag, and now this… Pretty soon my sewing machine will demand a better spot in the house.
    ; )

  6. Susan says:

    Ohhh love the flowers and the basket. You find the BEST fabrics! And what fun to spend time in the cottage with your friend. I haven’t had the opportunity to look through that book, but I have had complicated experiences with her patterns. Perhaps I’m just not skilled enough, or maybe I try to go too fast.

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