I found these Lily of the Valley growing next to the hammock under our cherry trees so I picked them to add to the bluebells in the little bouquet I put in Toni’s room when she came to visit last week.  There’s only a few of them and I have to remember to check for them every year because they’re just too sweet to forget.

Toni and I had a great visit sewing and chatting in the cottage and projects were actually completed.  The knitting took a back seat so I have no pictures to show of WIPs but I do have this:


Its a variation on the Desk Organizer from Amy Butler’s In Stitches.  I made it larger than the CD holder but shorter than the Desk Organizer and I made floppy handles and put them on the front for a picnic basket look.  All in all, I like the book and the pictures and projects are great.  However, the directions could be a little more fluid and some of the numbers didn’t work out like they should have even though I checked and rechecked….I think it might be a little difficult for a beginner to figure out what needs to be done on some of the steps.  I do love my little basket, though, and have it sitting by my knitting chair with all of my knitting paraphernalia in it.  It would also be perfect as a place to stash a current project or as a yarn holder…It all revolves around knitting for me, doesn’t it?

Have a good week, all.  I won’t stay away so long….

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