Much cleaning was done today and a little lilac picking…can’t resist having a huge bunch of these in the house–heavenly!

I’m still being good about not casting on until May–I want to but so far I’ve resisted.  I even went to a talent show that Ruby was in last night and brought a pair of socks that I’d cast on for my mom last fall.  That’s dedication, right?  I was able to knit quite a bit listening to these kids (young adults) get up on stage and belt it out.  I only had to put down the knitting once when one of the bands got to be a bit too loud and my ears started to hurt (I think they’re sensitive because of the cold and allergies and I do work at an audiologists, after all…) This band was really pretty good and said "that if people wanted to get up and groove to their music , that’d be cool…"  I looked at my sister Ali and asked if that meant I was supposed to flash my boobies…She said no but maybe she was supposed to throw her panties on stage…..My husband thought we were both idiots….However, Ruby did well and, as this is a kind of Teen Idol thing, she didn’t get eliminated and made it on to the next level.  So at least Toni and I know what kind of entertainment we’ll be enjoying next week….

Have a good weekend, all.  Its outside cleaning for me.  Top on the list of things to do this weekend is "Clean up white trash items".  My family read that and bust a gut laughing while Doug started whistling the tune to Sanford and Son….

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