Thank you to all wished me "well".  I am feeling much better and the little cold I had is finally gone. 

As today is a day off, one would think that I’d be catching up on all the house cleaning that I didn’t get done last weekend.  One would think.  But one would be wrong—instead I started off my morning with my annual ob/gyn appointment (ugh.) and a small trip to the grocery store and then a leisurely lunch while reading blogs.  Dang, you girls have been busy, inspiring and inspired.  Check out Pam’s beautiful quilt squares, Vicki’s sweet little quilts, and Cara’s amazing mitered blanket.  And check out these toadstools!  Its a wondrous place, blogworld is….

It’s nice outside so behold:



Lilacs.  And appleblossoms.


And, of course, mayhem….


Yes, thats a 15 pound duck chasing a 95 pound lab.   A wondrous place indeed.

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