Its been a long time since I last sat down to write.  To my credit, I have a completed hoodie and I’ll be casting off on my cardi out of Baby Alpaca Chunky tonight.  I’m sticking to my Finish Up April rules and I haven’t casted on a single thing.  Pictures will follow in the days ahead–I don’t have the time at the present…Things have been busy lately and there is no shortage of jobs to do here at Freeloader Farm.  I spent the first half of Easter Sunday pruning all the roses on my cottage, planting tomatoes and parsley and general cleanup.  Doug worked on making a duck run in the back yard because the ducklings smelled so much while they were in my bathroom that I didn’t want to take a shower and I certainly didn’t want to brush my teeth in there!  I do have a somewhat powerful sense of smell and it can be offended easily but this was overpowering!  The ducklings are now nicely ensconced in the back and seem to very happy with this arrangement–they even enjoyed the rain and the worms that crawled in…

So, here are pictures of the lovely, lovely, lovely "shoes" that my mom made for me and my sisters for Easter.  Pictures do not do them justice and at some point I will have to put on my macro lens and take closeups because her attention to detail and the sweet notes she wrote inside the shoes are adorable.  She topped the box off with an easter egg covered in vintage flowers and buttons.  All in all, they are so special and treasured



I must go–my cardi is calling and its been a long day.

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