I wanted to write a nice post today–the weather was nice,  I pruned (or hacked to death–it remains to be seen) the bluberries, I finished my easter gifts, and even managed to change the sheets on the bed.

At this moment I’m not feeling so serene or even pleasant at all: I  have to go back to work tomorrow (not so bad in and of itself–I just can’t stand getting up at 6 AM), my middle daughter saved doing the dishes until 9:30 tonite and then developed a rash on her hands so I had to finish up, my wrist is throbbing because of that damn ganglion cyst, and my house is a dreadful, dusty, filthy mess because I spent most of my time outside cleaning up rather than inside cleaning up.  Maybe its all PMS.  I don’t know but its not pretty.  And I just don’t feel like being perky, you know?

Here, however, are my finished easter gifts and I hope the recipients don’t check my blog this week (I know you are, mom, so stop reading now!).


I used the Fiber Trends felted chicken and chick pattern to knit all these chicks and then I needle felted the flowers on the sides and gave them sparkly eyes.  Its amazing how different wools felt so differently.  I love them and am making some more for me because I have to give three of these away–each with their own felted egg.  Have I said how much I love to repeatedly stab wool with very sharp needles?  I can definitely spend many hours doing that….

I think I’m going to go put some ice on this wrist now…..

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  1. Susan says:

    Repeat after me…”I don’t need to do it all..all at once” Sounds to me like you got a lot of things done, so feel good about that. The house won’t disappear under the dust *G*.

    The chicks are adorable! I find that stabbing stuff with a felting needle sort of relieves stress in a weird sort of way. Almost as good as weedeating with much prettier results!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wine, much wine, sounds like you need some very large glasses of wine. Don’t worry about the house, a bit of dust and dirt never hurt anyone and let’s face it, you know the family don’t notice it’s clean because apparently they all have some sort of vision impairity when it comes to clean, tidy houses, why else would they walk all over those clean floors in their muddy boots? Oh dear, I think you started me off now!

    Those chicks are so lovely, your colour choices are always gorgeous. I really wish I had made some easter chicks now, they look so pretty in that bowl.

  3. Pam says:

    OHMYGOSH are those the cutest ever. My ganglion cyst went away after a while the first time and the second time I accidentally knocked it into a door frame while gesturing wildly over something and it was gone. Still gone this time.. I hope your goes too.

  4. willow says:

    I thought I was the only person in the world who had had a ganglian cyst. I’ve never heard of anyone else…until now.
    The dr gave me a wrist brace to wear until it went away.
    I love the baby chick photo!

  5. Kristin says:

    i hope things go a little smoother for you soon!!! i hate PMS… i’m convinced that its not hormonal… its that the whole rest of the world gets some signal to be evil and wrong, therefore i am justified in any and all frustration i may be feeling. and then i eat chocolate. lots of chocolate.

    hang in there!

  6. JulieFrick says:

    I absolutely love those chicks. Needle felting seems like a great way to release tension. I must learn.

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