I wanted to write a nice post today–the weather was nice,  I pruned (or hacked to death–it remains to be seen) the bluberries, I finished my easter gifts, and even managed to change the sheets on the bed.

At this moment I’m not feeling so serene or even pleasant at all: I  have to go back to work tomorrow (not so bad in and of itself–I just can’t stand getting up at 6 AM), my middle daughter saved doing the dishes until 9:30 tonite and then developed a rash on her hands so I had to finish up, my wrist is throbbing because of that damn ganglion cyst, and my house is a dreadful, dusty, filthy mess because I spent most of my time outside cleaning up rather than inside cleaning up.  Maybe its all PMS.  I don’t know but its not pretty.  And I just don’t feel like being perky, you know?

Here, however, are my finished easter gifts and I hope the recipients don’t check my blog this week (I know you are, mom, so stop reading now!).


I used the Fiber Trends felted chicken and chick pattern to knit all these chicks and then I needle felted the flowers on the sides and gave them sparkly eyes.  Its amazing how different wools felt so differently.  I love them and am making some more for me because I have to give three of these away–each with their own felted egg.  Have I said how much I love to repeatedly stab wool with very sharp needles?  I can definitely spend many hours doing that….

I think I’m going to go put some ice on this wrist now…..

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