Haystackrock Not much to say these days:  spring break is upon us and we’ve been making good use of time at home.  Doug and I even managed a night away to the coast…lovely scenery, lovely light and (the best part) lovely quiet.

Both sweaters are progressing along with a couple of unauthorized mini projects thrown in (its not April yet!) to keep me from getting bored.  It was a long ride up the coast but much knitting was done while Doug drove and I made a ginormous playlist on my iPod of all the stuff we used to listen to in college.  Perfect.


As if we don’t have a big enough zoo already, we got 4 new members today–ducklings!  I hope that when they are big enough to be outside and fend for themselves they’ll be good company for Quackers.  Lately he’s taken to tapping on my bedroom window while I’m still in bed–it’s obvious he’s in need of some friends.  So, we now have 2 new Pekins:  Jemima and Rebecca (the names are straight out of Beatrix Potter’s  Jemima PuddleDuck.   Babyducks  The two brown ones are Khaki Campbells and I haven’t thought of good names for them yet.  Henry reminded me of Ferdinand from the movie Babe but I’m hoping that all of these ducklings are girls–I don’t need any more drakes with attitude!  I tend to name all of the farm animals after Jane Austen characters (though the goats are Charlotte and Emily after the Bronte’s) so we have Lizzy, Jane, Caroline, Louisa (Mr. Bingley just died)….I’m sure some will come to me soon–I just have to think of ducks in stories….

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2 Responses to

  1. Cara says:

    That middle duck picture is GORGEOUS! What great light!

  2. Pam says:

    OH MY! Those are some cute ducklings. Will the yellow ducklings stay yellow? I’m trying to remember if I ever saw yellow ducks. Love the photos, as usual!

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