These camellias were growing outside of the yarn shop that I work at–they were too lovely not to photograph so I cut a few before I left for the day and popped them in water and had a mini photo shoot in the drizzle yesterday.  Glad I did because I have them on my kitchen table now and almost all of the blossoms have dropped off their stems.  I knew they’d do that–they still look lovely laying on my table.  They’re just an amazing shade of pink!  You’ll be seeing more of them (hope not to bore you!) because I shot off about 1 gig of pictures–I just couldn’t stop and, despite the drizzle, the light was perfect….

I have a much needed day off today.  I plan on making my bed, doing some laundry and dropping my nephew’s birthday present off at the post office but that’s about it.  Knitting is high on the list today and I’m going to enjoy it.  Its supposed to be sunny and about 60 degrees today so maybe  I’ll even knit in the sunshine…


The hood on my sweater is still creeping along and I have been cheating by knitting on a cardigan out of Baby Alpaca Chunky.  I wasn’t supposed to cast on to that one until I finished the Hoodie.  Even worse, I was supposed to use that cardigan as my "prize" to cast on after Finish Up April.  By casting on in March it is now an official UFO and I can knit on it during April….I know, I’m only cheating myself–pathetic, isn’t it?


Enjoy your day!

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