Well, Lily’s slippers did not stretch so I’ll be making some new ones for her…I’m glad its an easy and quick knit as it better get cast on and finished by April The Finishing Month.  I am almost done with the sleeves of my hoodie now and anticipate being able to start the hood tonight.  We should be receiving Casino Royale from Netflix today so I think I’ll be able to make some headway (no pun intended)…

Took Otto the older lab to the vet today to get his teeth checked.  They informed me that while he has no serious problems other than tartar and the usual doggie scunge, he should have them cleaned and possibly have some growths removed.  My low estimate:  $550.  My high (as in, they must be high!) estimate:  $1000.00.  Do they install a solid gold doggy "grill" for that price?  Holy shit! 

Another big change:  Rubydooby was admitted to U of O and will be a Duck!  The bad news is that tuition is insane.  The good news is that she was awarded a scholarship!  We are very proud of her.  At the same time, though, I have realized that Doug and I met while at Cal and we were 19!  It’s scary to think that she is almost as old as we were when we fell in love and decided to spend the rest of our lives together and all that that entails.  You know, kids, houses, doggy dental work…..

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