I’m starting to get that panicky feeling about my garden.  Everywhere I look there are trees blooming and buds popping out all over the place.  My bluberry bushes (18 of them) have not been pruned , my grape vines (40 of them) have not been pruned, and my roses have been pruned by voracious deer that did not get shocked by the 10,000 volt electric fence because of all the debris from the winter storms.   They took that opportunity to wander in whenever they felt like it and munch on my beloved roses and my winter blooming camelia.  Thankfully, Doug cleared the fence of most of the debris and we’re up to about 2500 volts now.  Still not nearly enough….When I look at all the weeds poking up where they are not wanted I can really feel my heart start to race and I don’t know how it will all get done with only weekends off…Maybe I should let the goats out and let them do some trimming for me.

And next week ducklings arrive at our local feed store.  I can’t live with Quackers cuddling up to a shiny pot every night so that he can take comfort in his reflection.  I can’t do it.  He must have company and he misses his Cheese so much it makes me sad.  So, I’m getting some ducklings and when they are big enough they will be  company for the Quackinator.  Doug has gone on record as saying he is against this idea and against new ducks.  Duly effing noted.

Finally, in an attempt to regain some order in the carnival that is my life, I’ve decreed that April will be Finish What You’ve Started Month.  I am only going to knit projects that have been started but, due to my short attention span, never finished.  I have 3 pairs of socks with only one sock done.  A hoodie out of Kathmandu Tweed in need of a hood.  A ripple afghan that will only be a throw (who knew that ripples kinda shrink…).  And many more….I know I’ll feel better if I take a month and  clean up my project basket which is threatening to overtake the family room.

We are also going to make a path around our acreage so that we can walk.  A sort of track.  With 11 acres you’ve got to be able to do something!  And our property has some good, gentle uphill portions and also flat areas.  We have lovely views of the local mountain and pretty meadows and it would be wonderful to walk on our own land and not on a treadmill.  Not to mention the kids would love a path to ride their mountain bikes on.

Can’t you tell that I need order?

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