Keeping it Real on the Farm


Living so far from town has changed a lot of how we operate as a family.  For instance, when we lived in the suburbs we would decide what we’d have for dinner on the fly and stop at the store and pick up what we needed.  Now, we keep a well organized grocery list going (on a clipboard hanging on the kitchen wall) and we do a once a week shopping after planning out all the dinners for the week.  I know it sounds anal but it works and I love this system!


So, at the end of the week we usually have lots of left over bread which we pass on to the fowl.  As you can see from the pictures, the cats also take their share.  And Harry, our lovely peacock, puts on a fantastic dinner show as the chickens eat up their bread.  Angus and Otto are inside the house and plastered to the window drooling because they want some bread too.  Bread does seem to be the treat of choice…

Now if I had those 4 arms I could rip and throw out that bread quick enough so as not to get my toes pecked by impatient hens…..


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3 Responses to Keeping it Real on the Farm

  1. pam says:

    Oh I love these photos! I would love to be tossing bread outside (well I could but without all the lovely birds and animals.) My dogs would love it though, they’d frighten all the little sparrows away.

  2. carra says:

    Well yes I am agreed with the four arms idea, I could do with those. I.E. I could finish sewing my skirt and do work on the PC at the same time. Marvellous. As for bread sharing, we keep all our leftover bread (we have lot’s of it as French baguette is not really edible the next day) and feed the ducks outside our petit maison…

  3. willow says:

    Maybe I could tempt the seagulls with stale bread and pretend I live closer to the beach.

    Weekly grocery trips are the only way to go, especially if you live far away from the store. I dislike grocery shopping so I hit Trader Joe’s on Wednesdays and the DH volunteers to do another shop during the week. If we run out of something, we can walk to Ralph’s–a nice change from our old house.

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