San Franciso Windmill

Today is a much needed day off.  However, the man-cub has decided that he doesn’t want to go on the field trip to see the play The Hobbit and so he is home with me today.  I’m thinking we might go to town to get some ingredients for scones.  I made some cranberry orange scones earlier in the week and we went through them pretty fast….

I’ve been knitting face cloths with a simple pattern and Cotton Classic Tweed.  They whip up fast and are so soft!  Regular wash cloths just seem to be too harsh for my face these days so these hand knit ones are a nice change.  I’ve also dragged out my half-finished Hoodie from Knitting Pure and Simple out of Kathmandu that I’ve been pondering picking up again.  Pondering, mind you–not actually picking up the needles yet.  What a lazy ass….I figure if there was ever a good time to finish a sweater it would be now:  I have a new book on the iPod and 10 hours of listening ahead of me.  I just finished The Thirteenth Tale and really loved it.  It was thoroughly engaging and delightful to listen to.

Well, I better get my butt dressed if I’m going to accomplish anything today….

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  1. pam says:

    Ohh I love that photo. Good luck with the sweater. Once I abandon something, I have a hard time returning to it. I have two bags just waiting.. I should do that, maybe today. (ha)

  2. India says:

    Just downloading Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell from Audible. I’ve been ever such a good girl, waiting (im)patiently for my next credits. Now I’m frightened to start listening because if I do my assignments will be shelved – I could try rewarding myself with one chapter per X hours work, but I know myself too well…

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