Looking at all these pictures from my files is a good thing:  I’m starting to WANT to clean up my garden so that I’ll have beautiful flowers to photograph.  I guess the weeding and mucky clean up is worth it when the end result is lots of photographic subjects….maybe tomorrow…there’s even sunshine today but I have to go to the frickin mall because I promised the kids.  Crap.  The mall is 45 minutes away so if I can talk Doug into driving at least I can knit there and back and all the time is not wasted.

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  1. pam says:

    Ohhh more photos! Hope the mall wasn’t awful. I’m not a fan of the mall either.

  2. Carra says:

    I have done a bit of my garden today… Far from flowers yet just parsley greening away. I hope the Mall did not kill you and you did knit… 🙂

  3. b says:

    gorgeous photos (both this one and the previous post)! i hope you were able to finish your latest book on tape today. i’m looking forward to breakfast tomorrow! thanks again for all your love and support. it is greatly appreciated.

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